Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's kind of funny

It's kind of funny, being here in Anacortes this week shopping and cleaning and gardening and cooking in preparation for this weekend's west coast pre-wedding barbecue in honor of my brother and his fiancee. (I should say my absolutely adored brother and his absolutely lovely fiancee.)

It's kind of funny in part because this is my baby brother, my Nater Tater, who has become in some ways more adult, more grown up, than I can ever imagine being. And it's kind of funny in part because this west coast pre-wedding gathering is pretty much exactly what I always imagined (when I imagined such things at all) would be my actual wedding to a certain young man several years back. And it's kind of painful, this shopping and cleaning and gardening and baking and making gallons of gazpacho and bringing gift bags to the hotel where the soon-to-be-in-laws and siblings are staying and all the rest of this crazy hectic wonderful beautiful family- and friend-filled weekend.

It's kind of a funny thing, this feeling of being so overwhelmed with love and happiness for someone so dear as one's brother, and yet also and simultaneously feeling a little bit heartbroken.

I guess as long as the hummus and gazpacho and snickerdoodles and black-bottomed cupcakes are well received tomorrow, I'll be all right.