Monday, October 31, 2005

presidents & parties & dress-up, oh my!

Chris, Andrew, Chris, Sophia, and I went to the New York Public Library last Thursday night to see Bill Clinton. It was cool, he was cool, and damn does it make me miss having him as my elected leader. I know he wasn't perfect, and he sold a lot of people out, and he failed on a massive scale in Rwanda and other regions, and he just couldn't keep it in his pants, and his nose often bore an unsettling resemblance to Rudolph (the Red-Nosed Reindeer, not Giuliani). But the man was clever, and the man was eloquent, and the man made me proud of this country in a way that's hard to imagine just five years after his departure from Washington.

We hit another party Friday night, this one not so much fun although Mike G., a lovely host if ever there was one, did let me open a delicious bottle of port he'd bought for his girlfriend. I made sure she got some too.

Next weekend we, meaning Chris and his family and myself, have to make an excursion out to the Island, which would be Long Island, which is somewhere I generally have no desire to go (though there are some decent wineries out there). Chris's cousin is getting hitched Saturday evening, and it's apparently what is considered a typical Long Island black tie affair, and the people who know me also know that I don't do black tie. Luckily my friend Jill has a dress that fits, and we went out and bought a pair of silver shoes. And she's dragging me out to get a pedicure, something I've never done in my entire life, this Friday after work. Oh Lord I'm terrified. It's almost enough to make me want to stay at work indefinitely, or at least through the end of the wedding (which, by the way, also involves a big celebratory brunch on Sunday, the day after the wedding--twenty four hours in Huntington, LI!).

P.S. Happy Halloween!

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Myster said...

The pedicure will change your life. Trust me. I know about these things.