Tuesday, July 31, 2007

happy anniversary...

...to the Edwardses, whom I find it difficult not to adore.

Also, a certain young man is finally, finally in the process of moving his stuff out of our-now-my apartment, after six months. It's been a difficult couple of days, but will hopefully be finished by the end of this week. Somehow neither of us had realized quite how much stuff he had here still, hidden in closets, in cupboards, under the bed, or in the guise of being 'our' book and music collections. Books, clothes, bass guitar, paintings, framed posters, his entire and vast CD collection, kitchen stuff, architecture school stuff, etc. He's gone for today, on his way out to New Haven in what I can only imagine to be the beginning of rush hour hell, and I've poured myself a drink. Maker's Mark on the rocks, to keep me company until Lauren's arrival. We were planning to watch cheesy TV together, but I might put her to work first helping me dust off the bookshelves and rearranging my books and CDs so that Chris can take one of the CD racks and a couple bookshelves with him next time he comes 'round. What I had once considered our CD collection has been vastly depleted these last two days. Somehow, over the years, Chris bought most of our CDs and I bought most of our wine. The wine of course has all been drunk and, given my rather limited economic resources, not soon to be replenished. And the CDs are now boxed up and on their way to Yale. The book collection was much more easily divided, having both bought our own books over the years, though I found it hard to watch him box up the books I had given to him, loving inscriptions and all. Ahhh, perhaps finally, once this home of mine is filled with only my things and empty of his, I can really and truly begin to move on from this ridiculously drawn-out ending to a long, emotionally fraught, if often wonderful, relationship. And I've got grandiose plans of making Lauren and Arielle, and possibly Justin, Erica, and Freddy help me paint some of these big, now empty, white walls a more interesting color, now that Chris and his antipathy to non-white walls have finally left the building.

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