Sunday, June 22, 2008


Some of the things I might tell you if we still spoke of such things --

I finally got around to watching Big Bad Love. It was kind of wonderful.

"His curse was remembering. It was also a blessing, and that was easy to forget."

Lauren and I saw the most ridiculous, wonderful car ever the other day on our drive up the West Side Highway from Brooklyn.

Apparently my birthday this year was in fact not the longest day of the year.

Being 32 so far is not a disastrous thing.

I've been watching The Wire, and the music at the end makes me cry.

"Did you ask for forgiveness?"
"Of course."

"What'd she say?"
"What she needed to say. Look, forgiveness from other folks is good, but it ain't nothin' but words comin'
at you from outside."

My avocado "tree" is growing, growing, and I'm discovering that all of the plants are doing pretty well even without you looking after them.

So am I.


Chiung-Yin said...

oooooooooooh!! i like the plants... i saw them on saturday, but didn't have you to explain what they were. you need to give me a tour next time i'm uptown

newsjunkie said...

I like the view from your apartment :)

newsjunkie said...

BTW...that's Sid, in case you're wondering...I don't blog often, but love reading them, as you can see here :)