Friday, November 19, 2010

in which i begin to come to terms with the fact i am a crank

Last night it was poor Evan flailing in reaction to my action (barbed words, hands flung upward, dinner nowhere in sight), eventually settling on chocolate milk ("You are such a kid!" he said as it became apparent that it was this, and only this, that would appease: a green glass, fresh milk, a heaping spoon of Nestle Quick) to steer us through.

Today it was coworker Karen ensnared to my harangue:  half-empty yogurt containers left at the circulation desk, staplers mysteriously disappearing, the misuse of library work spaces (not as dirty as that might imply), the inherent unreliability of relying on a student workforce.

There is no escaping it: I am just not as jolly as one, as some, as I might like.

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marie said...

I have relative jollity issues as well. I'm no good at faking it, either.