Friday, December 17, 2010

food, or, a moment in the life of a library supervisor

Me: I'm sorry, food isn't permitted in the library.
Her: It's fruit salad.
Me: Food isn't permitted in the library.  You can leave it here at the desk and pick it up on your way out.
Her (big innocent eyes widening in consternation, unmistakable hint of a whine permeating her voice): But it's fruit saaalad!


Marie said...

Clearly, Emma, fruit is not the same thing as food. Anyway, even if it were food, it's not like it makes a mess or attracts ants or sticks paper together or anything if you spill it on carpet or books. And I mean, let's be realistic here. That rule only applies to things other people are putting in their mouths.

Emma said...

Thank you for that, Marie -- it made me laugh out loud!