Wednesday, September 14, 2011

oysters & new yorkers

What you definitely don't want to be? The guy throwing up on the subway platform at the end of the night. Alas I was that guy last night, after what was otherwise a lovely evening of raw oysters and expensive drinks in some fancy schmancy oyster & absinthe bar in Williamsburg. But New Yorkers are nice! Several good folk stopped to ask if I needed help, one woman patted me on the back and asked if my apartment was close by, one little old lady offered to call 911 (please, God, as if this weren't humiliating enough already) and the most practical: a man came running back down the stairs with a handful of paper towels. (Where he got paper towels in the subway station I have no idea -- perhaps the toll booth workers keep cleaning supplies on hand?)

Anyway, I made my way home and took a long hot shower and went to sleep and today am feeling much refreshed. (If also ready to go to bed despite its being only half past eight, and slightly squeamish at the thought of oysters, and also expensive drinks).

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Marie said...

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this! Throwing up in the subway tunnel does sound unpleasant.

And thanks for note. We're still getting rather warm days as well, though it's cooling down in the evenings.