Monday, October 17, 2011

inner monologues

A friend of mine was talking on our drive up to the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival this past Saturday about different modes of talking. Now mother to two young daughters, she's had to learn to navigate between adult-speech and kid-speech. While she's gotten better at curbing her occasionally curse-prone tongue, she explained, she now finds herself letting loose sometimes with a wrathful "Oh heck!" even when the kiddies are well out of range.

"But," she made sure to point out, "in my head, every other word is fuck."*

This just did me in for the rest of the drive north and in my head her voice, usually so reserved, kept up a running commentary:  Fucking stoplight. Fuck those pedestrians. Fucking traffic. Oh fuck! A horse!

At which point I burst out laughing, prompting an imagined, "Fucking crazy Emma," which just made me laugh all the more. Luckily the other women in the car seemed to find this amusing too, and "Fucking horses!" became a bit of a thing for the rest of the afternoon.

I've had good fortune lately with things making me laugh intermittently for hours, or even days, on end -- sometimes at inopportune moments (while brushing my teeth, just for example, or riding the train, or, you know, other things). Or maybe I'm just in a laughing kind of mood. Either way, it's been nice. Even now the thought of eyeglasses is enough to send me into gales of laughter. And now, "Fuck this, and fuck that!" has been added to the laughing lexicon, much to Evan's amusement and, quite possibly, dismay.

*Just for the record, I love the word "fuck."

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