Friday, December 09, 2011

'pokey the tortoise rings the bell on the transom...'

Some Cats I know

Pokey the tortoise
Rings the bell on the transom
Runs away laughing.

Nora the buzz
Nail in the coffin of love
Under cover in a ball.

Ernest the tub
Knocks over a jar of water
Steps daintily in broken glass.

Olive the small
Asleep, face in food dish
Wakes up for a homemade racecar.

Zora the elemental
Observes bubbles rising
As the dishwasher hums below.

Adelaide, minicat
Head cocked always,
Vietnamese or simply thoughtful?

Milo the stretch
Peeks out the window
But he wasn’t looking for me.

Zeke the kitten
Held up by a gauzy curtain
Gnawing at its threads.

Duncan the elder
Died at 21, was replaced
By a strapping tabby.

Llama causes trouble
Only when the knits come out,
Lying on the blocked yarn.

Ericat is me,
Cat with thumbs and
Restless sleepy spirit.

(Erica Sklar, 2011)

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