Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Adachi, Jiro - Island of bicycle dancers
Adamson, Gil - The Outlander
Agee, James - Death in the family
Alexie, Sherman - Indian killer
Alexis, Andre - Despair and other stories
Allende, Isabel - Kingdom of the golden dragon
Allison, Dorothy - Trash
Anderson, Lorraine - Sisters of the earth
Arenas, Reinaldo - Before night falls
Asimov, Isaac - I, Robot
Bailey, Tom - Grace that keeps this world
Baker, Ellen - Keeping the house
Bakopoulos, Dean - Please don't come back from the moon
Banks, Russell - Sweet hereafter
Basho, Matsuo - Narrow road to the deep north
Baudelaire - Les fleurs du mal 
Baudelaire - Selected poems
Baxter, Charles - The soul thief
Beach, Sylvia - Shakespeare & company
Beers, David - Blue sky dream: a memoir of America's fall from grace
Birney, Betty - Oh bother! Someone's afraid of the dark (Winnie the Pooh)
Blaire, J. H. - Caliente! The best erotic writing in Latin American fiction
Bollmann, Stefan - Frauen, die lesen, sind gefahrlich und klug
Bounds, Gwendolyn - Little chapel on the river
Bowles, Paul - The sheltering sky
Bradford, Richard - Red sky at morning 
Brite, Poppy - Exquisite corpse
Brockman, John - What is your dangerous idea
Brockman, John - What we believe but cannot prove
Brown, Rachel - All the fishes come home to roost
Casey, John - Half-life of happiness
Chabon, Michael - Wonder boys
Chaltas, Thalia - Because i am furniture
Chopin, Kate - The Awakening
Clarke, Susanna - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Cleave, Chris - Little bee
Coates, James - Armed & dangerous: the rise of the survivalist right
Codrescue, Andrei - Involuntary genius in America's shoes
Coetzee,J.M. - Inner workings
Cole, Marjorie - Correcting the landscape
Coupland, Douglas - All families are psychotic
Coupland, Douglas - Eleanor Rigby
Coupland, Douglas - Hey Nostradamus!
Coupland, Douglas - Miss Wyoming
Crutcher, Chris - Deadline
Daly, Mary - Beyond god the father
Daum, Meghan - Quality of life report
Davis, Claire - Winter range
DeLillo, Don - The body artist
Deyo, L.B. - Invisible frontier: exploring the tunnels, ruins, and rooftops of hidden New York
Diaz, Junot - Drown
Dillard, Annie - The living
Duberman, Martin - Stonewall
Ebershoff, David - The 19th wife
Eck, Diana L. - Darsan: seeing the divine image in India
Edwards, Kim - Memory keeper's daughter
Ekman, Kerstin - Blackwater
Ekman, Kerstin - Forest of hours
Ellis, Bret Easton - America psycho
Ellis, Bret Easton - The informers
Ellis, Bret Easton - Less than zero
Ellis, Bret Easton - Rules of attraction
Epel, Naomi - Writers dreaming
Evans, Polly - Kiwis might fly
Fallada, Hana - Every man dies alone
Fitch, Janet - White oleander
Ford, Clyde - The long mile
Frayn, Michael - Headlong
French, Tania - The Likeness
Frey, James - Million little pieces
Frey, James -  My friend Leonard
Glass, Julia - Whole world over
Gordon, Philip - Winning the right war
Greenberg, Michael - Hurry down sunshine
Haigh, Jennifer - The Condition
Hamsun, Knut - Victoria
Hennessy, Michael - Borzoi practice book for writers
Hersey, John - Hiroshima
Hesse, Hermann - Demian
Hinton, S.E. - Some of Tim's stories
Hoge, James F., Jr. - American encounter: the United States and the making of the modern world
Holmqvist, Ninni - The Unit
Horsley, Kate - The Changeling
Irving, John - Cider house rules
Jentz, Terri - Strange piece of paradise
Johnson, Denis - Seek: reports from the edges of America & beyond
Karr, Mary - Cherry
Kasischke, Laura - In a perfect world 
Kavenna, Joanna - Birth of love
Keaney, Brian - Jacob's ladder
Kesey, Ken - Demon box
Kesey, Ken - One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Kinsley, David R. - Hindusim: a cultural perspective
Klages, Ellen - Green glass sea
Knapp, Caroline - Drinking: a love story
Korelitz, Jean Hanff - White rose
Krauss, Nicole - History of love
Krist, Gary - The white cascade
Kundera, Milan - Unbearable lightness of being
Lakoff, George - Don't think of an elephant!
Lansens, Lori - The Girls
Larsson, Stieg - Girl with the dragon tattoo
Larsson, Stieg - Girl who played with fire
Lewis, C.S. - Mere Christianity
Lindbergh, Anne - Gift from the sea
Lynch, Jim - Border songs
Machiavelli - The Prince
Males, Mike A. - Scapegoat generation: America's war on adolescents
Martel, Yann - Life of Pi
Martin, Valerie - Trespass
McClintock, Barbara - Adele & Simon
McEwan, Ian - On Chesil Beach
McLarty, Ron - Memory of running
Meyer, Stephanie - The host
Miles, Jonathan - Dear American Airlines
Mills, Mark - Amagansett
Mintz, Sidney W. - Sweetness & power
Mowat, Farley - Never cry wolf
Myers, B.R. - Reader's manifesto
Naifeh, Steven - Mormon murders
Olsson, Linsa - Astrid & Veronika (gorgeous, excerpted here)
Packer, Ann - Dive from Clausen's pier
Peacock, Robert - Sleep: bedtime stories
Pessi, Marisha - Special topics in calamity physics
Petterson, Per - Out stealing horses
Pham, Andrew X. - Catfish & mandala
Phillips, Arthur - Prague: a novel
Phillips, Glasgow - Royal nonesuch
Powell, Julie - Julie & Julia
Proulx, Annie - Close range: Wyoming stories
Quinn, Daniel - Ishmael
Rechy, John - City of night
Reiken, Frederick - The odd sea
Rettenmund, Matthew - Boy culture
Robinson, Mary - An amateur's guide to the night
Rosenstone, Steven J - Mobilization, participation, and democracy in America
Rosman, Abraham - Tapestry of culture
Roth, Philip - American pastoral
Rousseau - Basic political writings
Russo, Richard - Empire Falls
Sachar, Louis - Holes 
Salerno, Marie - New York pop-up book
Salzman, Mark - Lost in place: growing up absurd in suburbia
Salzman, Mark - The solois
Salzman, Mark - True notebooks
Sapolsky, Robert - Why zebras don't get ulcers
Saramago, Jose - All the names
Saramago, Jose - Blindness
Saramago, Jose - Gospel according to Jesus Christ
Sartre, Jean-Paul - Nausea: the wall and other stories
Searles, John - Boy still missing
Selby, Hubert, Jr. - Requiem for a dream
Shengold, Nina - Clearcut
Shields, David - Remote: reflections on life in the shadow of celebrity
Shokeid, Moshe - A gay synagogue in New York
Simpson, Helen - Getting a life: stories
Slonim, Ruth - San Francisco: the city in verse
Smith, Ali - The accidental
Snicket, Lemony - Series of unfortunate events, 1 & 2
Stahl, Jerry - Permanent midnight
Stein, Garth - How Evan broke his head & other secrets
Stein, Gertrude - Paris, France
Steinke, Darcey - Jesus saves
Strachan, Mari - The earth hums in B-flat
Styron, William - Sophie's choice
Takaki, Ronald - Strangers from a different shore
Tappon, Philippe - Parisian from Kansas
Tayman, John - The Colony
Townsend, Julia - Zeynep: the seagull of Galata Tower
Trachtenberg, Peter - 7 tattoos: a memoir in the flesh
Tritle, Lawrence - From Melos to My Lai: a study in violence, culture and social survival
Troyan, Sasha - Forgotten island
Turnipseed, Joel - Baghdad express
Vonnegut, Kurt - Welcome to the monkey hous
Wallace, David Foster - Girl with curious hair
Winterson, Jeanette - The PowerBook
Winton, Tim - The Riders
Whitehead, Colson - Zone One
Winter, Alison - Mesmerized: powers of mind in Victorian Britain
Woodward, Bob - Plan of attack
Wolf, Linda - Daughters of the moon 
Woolf, Virginia - Mrs. Dalloway
Wright, Robert - Nonzero: the logic of human destiny
Yoshimoto, Banana - Amrita
Zevin, Gabrielle - Elsewhere


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