Monday, December 10, 2012

the small things II

I decided this morning that I would brave the post office on my lunch break to mail a shawl to an old college pal (this shawl, in fact, and lucky recipient of stepbrother Erik's gorgeous photographic maneuverings).

JP, my wonderful boss, just laughed and said, "You're going to do WHAT? Just go now before the lunch rush. I'm here, we've got it covered, really, just go right now."

So I did. And miracle of miracles, there was only one person in front of me. I traipsed on up to the counter, to the same postal worker I've dealt with a few times now, and trilled out my surprise and gratitude at the lack of lines so close before Christmas.

He just smiled knowingly at me and said, "Yes. It's a not so secret secret that when there's a chance of rain the women folk don't come out to the post office. They don't want to mess up their hair dos, you see..."

To which I rolled my eyes a bit and said, "Well, not ALL women folk."

He just kept smiling serenely and agreed, "No, no, not all women folk."

And then I came back to work and still had a full lunch hour to talk Nick's ear off about this and that and all the other things one talks about to one of one's closest friends.

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