Saturday, March 01, 2014

not-sad things

I was talking to Evan the other day about how nice it's felt to be writing a bit more lately, though I feel sort of silly writing mostly about sad things. He kind of chuckled and said, "Write about whatever you want. If it means you write more, sad is okay."

If I keep it up long enough, he said, I might just run out of sad things to write about.

So today I've been remembering another conversation he and I had a couple weeks ago instead of obsessing over sad or not-sad things.

It must've been right after one of the lovely little photo-shoots I've done with one of my dearest friends recently. I was telling him, all gleeful, about my idea of getting this friend and my other awesome willing-to-model friend together this spring for a combined photo-shoot. I was rambling on excitedly about getting them all dolled up in white and pretending to be a couple coming to me for their bridal-shawl needs.

This particular chat, mind you, was of the typing-online-type, and after my rambling he said, "Wow, that'd be so cool. And this made me chuckle out loud -- you three adults getting together and playing make-believe -- which is so fucking awesome."

See? Not-sad things.

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