Saturday, March 10, 2007

it's good to have a mother in a bookstore

Nate and I met after work yesterday evening at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble. We had some time to kill before going to a friend's birthday party, so I treated myself to a latte, Nate gathered up a bunch o' magazines and grad school guide books, and we managed to find a free table in the cafe. We read, we chatted, we caffeinated, we left. Only many hours later, on the subway going home, did I realize that I'd left my book there, innocently hiding under that pile of magazines. And a brand new book at that, a leftover from the pleasures of being part of a family where you actually trade Christmas lists and get the things you ask for! Chris's aunt & uncle had left it with his parents for me, and I'd just started it this week and was thoroughly enjoying it. I called Barnes & Noble this morning to see if they'd found it, but of course they had no interest in a lost book, let alone any knowledge of said lost book. Luckily, though, I was chatting with Mom this morning and it turns out that she has a reader's copy of said book and will bring it out to NY when she comes to visit next Friday. Yay! And, as Nate so succintly pointed out last night, maybe it's not a bad thing to start severing ties to this lost, if loved, adopted family of mine.

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