Saturday, March 31, 2007

the trouble with cellphones

The trouble with cellphones, or at least one of many troubles with cellphones, is that you never know in what context you're calling the person that you're calling. By which I mean, maybe you really, really want to have a serious conversation with this person, and the best time for this is a time in which you are both safely ensconced in your respective homes. And maybe you have to psyche yourself up for this serious conversation, and you work up the nerve to call this person, only to discover that they, unlike you, are out drinking at a bar with a bunch of people you don't know, being raucous and rowdy and loud and stupid. And there goes the serious conversation. Not that this has happened to me, mind you, but the thought of it happening, the fear of it happening, has proved to be a (probably good and beneficial to everyone involved) hindrance to even making the call in the first place. But I miss the good old days, when you called someone at home, and they were either at home or they were not, and you knew either way what to expect.

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