Saturday, June 16, 2007

baby shower for cyn

My friends Cindy & John are having a baby. This is thrilling to no end, the first chance I'll have, really, to play the role of the old friend who comes to visit now and then and spoil the kid rotten. I'm looking forward to making the trek up to Cold Spring, bag o' goodies in hand, to play with the wee little girl later this year. In the meantime, it's been lovely making a blanket for her and helping Jessie plan a surprise baby shower, which was today, here in my apartment. It was a beautiful day, full of good friends, gorgeous weather, and yummy food. And while the gathering was mostly for Cindy, Cindy brought a little birthday present for me, the perfect gift, a jar of ginger papaya "body souffle" and a bar of chocolate-scented soap. I almost wrote chocolate flavored soap. I have a horrible tendency to want to taste anything that smells good. Sometimes this is okay, and other times it's not. Chris gave me a jar of honey sugar body scrub a few years back, and it smelled so good that I just had to taste it, and it does in fact taste of honey and sugar. But more recently he gave me a bottle of chocolate body wash, and though it smells like something so delicious that of course you'd want to eat it, it tastes like soap. Go figure.

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