Wednesday, October 24, 2007

in the news

Japanese fashion designers have a new take on fighting street crime.

The New York Times has been running a bunch of stories recently about that other water problem due, perhaps, to global warming -- the lack there of. Trace, I hope Atlanta figures out a way to get out of this mess its in, or that maybe you and your wife head up north where the water is more plentiful and the politics more liberal.

Given all the fomenting lately about hate crimes (yet another noose made it into the news here in NY this week, this time sent to a public school principal), it seems particularly timely, whether you find it offensive or intriguing or something altogether different, that the rapper Nas is stirring up his own controversy over the title of his forthcoming album.

Along that same line, there was an interesting article in New York Magazine not too long ago about the over-abundance of political-correctness and how maybe we should all get a grip.

Quote of the Day, our illustrious leader, in a speech yesterday morning at the National Defense University:

"We're at war with coldblooded killers who despise freedom, reject tolerance, and kill the innocent in pursuit of their political vision ... And one of the real challenges we face is, will we have confidence in the liberty to be transformative? Will we lose faith in the universality of liberty? Will we ignore history and not realize that liberty has got the capacity to yield the peace we want? So this administration, along with many in our military, will continue to spread the hope of liberty, in order to defeat the ideology of darkness, the ideology of the terrorists -- and work to secure a future of peace for generations to come. That's our call."

Huh? This sounds like playground talk, or apocalyptic street-corner preaching, not serious policy analysis, and not worthy even of a mere presidential candidate, let alone someone who's been in office for almost two full terms.

Lastly, this from my dearest mama out in Anacortes, a quiz. Yay, a quiz! On how twisted our president is. And truly, folks, I'd heard some of these stories before, and some others are new to me, but it seems pretty clear. He's just a mean guy, straight up. And he thinks he has turn-the-other-cheek Jesus on his side??

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