Tuesday, October 16, 2007

story from brother nate

"funny story: last night shanna and i decided to get dinner from our local caribean food place. i ordered and it was $9. after the guy gave me the food, i hand the cashier a $10 bill and am waiting for my change. he's mostly behind a partition and i don't really see what he's doing. then he hands the bill back to me and tells me its no good. i ask "what do you mean, are you saying that this is fake?" yeah, he says, and shows me that he's marking it with a sharpie and the mark looks different on a real bill. to demonstrate he takes out another bill and marks it. it looks exactly the same to me. so, whatever, i think, i'll pay with a credit card. nope, the credit card machine isn't working. so, i look in the wallet - only 6 $1 bills. so i tell him i don't have enough other cash on me. then the guy says, 'do you live in the neighborhood? nearby?' i say yes, and then he says 'bring the money another time. bring the money tomorrow.'

so, they refused my $10 bill, but trusted me enough to have me leave without paying."

Follow up to Nate's story: He used the $10 bill at a different place the following day, no problem. I'm not sure if Nate has since dropped off the $3 balance.

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