Thursday, August 07, 2008

lizard love & other tales from the animal kingdom

Harvey the tuatara gets it on in southern New Zealand.

Also in animal news today, the population of lowland gorillas in equatorial Africa is apparently much higher than previously estimated, despite the ravages of war, predatory humans, and outbreaks of such fun diseases as Ebola and hemorrhagic fever.

And lastly, on a more personal animal note, Llama has made a new friend in Houseguest Marcos, who returned to New York recently after a year abroad. Marcos has been staying with me & the Llama while searching for an apartment and has been generous with his catsitting skills while I was traipsing around upstate.

I suppose I should clarify, though, that in typical feline fashion, while Llama has found a new friend in Marcos, the interaction is more than a little one-sided, and Marcos has not necessarily found a new friend in Llama.

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