Sunday, August 10, 2008

odss & ends IX

The United States v. the Driver. US sentences Bin Laden's chauffeur to five and a half years! Are we safe now?

Bush Declared 422 Major Disasters. Perhaps he'll declare himself to be the 423rd.

On a much happier note, Anne Shirley, later Anne Blythe but best known as Anne of Green Gables, one of my all-time heroines,
celebrates her 100th birthday this year!

A meaner, grittier West Side Story will be making a come-back early next year.

The Bush Administration tries to put yet more restrictions on abortion and family-planning in general. (See William Saletan's rather amusing retort here.)

Bloomberg & Gates join forces to end the scourge of tobacco smoking! Maybe, what with all their billions, they can reimburse me for the literally thousands of dollars I wasted on cigarettes in the years since I was a stupid teenager.

Chris Mark and I have developed an odd habit over the years in which we email to each other the most disturbing, grossest, weirdest, or quirkiest news stories we can find. I usually win. But this time, he succeeded in totally grossing me out. And will make me think twice about ever taking Greyhound again. Or maybe ever traveling to Canada. Or, you know, being within stabbing distance of anyone, ever. Way to go, Chris.

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