Thursday, October 23, 2008

'I always wanted a son named Zamboni,' she said (and other semi-newsworthy stories)

This in from Erik yesterday: Palin Says She Considers Herself Intellectual

Also in the news, this rather heartbreaking (and totally unfair - how was it unethical to promote his daughter's book when no one was profiting from it, I ask you?) story: A Brooklyn Librarian Is Fined For Promoting Daughter's Book

And this, the tale of a growing new genre in the literary world: Urban Fiction Makes Its Way From Streets to Libraries

Then there was this fun little article about a new book I want to read called The City’s End: Two Centuries of Fantasies, Fears and Premonitions of New York’s Destruction. Because I've been kind of fascinated with my city's demise for awhile now. Clearly I'm not remotely the only one.

Who woulda thunk it? Turns out, my employer is one of those mysterious anti-American entities we've all been hearing so much about recently!

But my employer is also one of the highest-ranked schools in the country (as far as going green at least) according to The College Sustainability Report Card. Alas, my beloved alma mater is not.

Surprise, surprise: the New York Times today officially endorsed Obama

Not to get anyone's hopes up too much, but give this video about McCain & Palin's 'negative intensity' a watch.

And last, McCain's love for Pennsylvania knows no bounds. I do almost feel sorry for the man, given the utter exhaustion anyone on the trail this long must be feeling (let alone someone of his rather advanced years) and the realization that he's running his campaign into the ground.

Well, really for last, and for a laugh, from the Onion: John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

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