Wednesday, March 17, 2010

expiration dates

The milk is bordering on crossing over to the dark side again: expiration date 3/18/10. Sometimes it makes sense to spend twice as much on the organic stuff, if only because it inexplicably lasts way more than twice as long.

Hot chocolate last night, chocolate milk tonight. I bet you didn't know that chocolate milk is one of my favorite things.

There was a particular autumn that I spent too many Friday evenings on trains going out to New Haven, Connecticut, but the boy waiting there kept a container of Nestle Quick in otherwise empty cupboards just for me.

He would joke about keeping me in a cage in his living room, singing off-key Ani while perched on a swing, taking quick sips from a chocolate-milk-filled water bottle.

This only struck me as uncomfortably odd months later, long after we had parted ways. At the time it just seemed oddly endearing.

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