Tuesday, June 07, 2011

feeling haunted

Every once in awhile there's a movie that haunts you in its simplicity, in its beauty, in its aching, stunning sadness. Sometimes it's the entire movie, sometimes it's just a scene, just a moment caught there forever in your head. For me, Tom Tykwer's Heaven was one of those kinds of movies. Jacob Estes' Mean Creek. Michael Polish's  Twin Falls Idaho. Kelly Reichardt's Old Joy.

I watched Last Night last night, while waiting for Evan to get home from a weekend road trip to Michigan and Ohio. It was supposed to be just another entry on my list of end-of-the-world / alien-invasion type movies that I've been watching in his absence, mostly ridiculous things like Carriers and Zombieland. I imagine it must have gotten on his nerves, coming home after being away for almost a week and finding me so distracted, in moments so far away.

That last scene, the circling, the oncoming light: it's proving difficult to get this one out of my head.

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