Saturday, June 04, 2011

someone else's wedding

Someone bought this shawl earlier today for her best friend's wedding.  The notion of one of my pieces being part of such an occasion -- especially for someone I've never even met or heard of -- just tickles me pink.  So to speak.

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Marie said...

I was just here a few minutes ago, thinking of commenting, and you were evidently on my blog at the same time. That's kind of nice.

I like that you get to be a part of the wedding celebration. :)

My friend and I have been reading a relatively recent series (Mistborn) by a newish fantasy author named Brandon Sanderson. It certainly holds my attention, but I have to say that I hope his writing will develop and improve as he gains more experience. It isn't so much that his writing is bad, but sometimes his characters are inconsistent, or he throws in plot twists that seem like betrayals. Obviously it shouldn't be utterly predictable, but I don't appreciate being given dozens of clues which all point to one end, and then being told "just kidding! Actually all of those were lies!"

Sorry, that was much more description than you asked for. In any case, I'm a bit more than midway through the third book right now.