Wednesday, February 15, 2012

everyone loses their glasses (sometimes)

Monday morning it was a woman on the bus, suddenly running back to the front from the back (if that makes sense), asking everyone along the way, "Do you see my glasses? I just realized they're not on my face!"

Today it was a customer wandering through my bagel place, looking perturbed, and then a whispered explanation from the cashier that he had misplaced his glasses (again) and now couldn't see to find them.

Saturday evening it was my old friend Janey laughingly reminiscing about our freshman year in college, when she had taped a box to my dorm room wall with strict instruction to just always put my glasses in the damned box. (Janey is and has always been a great one for practical solutions. Except of course it didn't work.)

Evan just smiled at her knowingly. There's not a week that goes by without me dashing around the apartment at least once, looking frantically for keys or wallet or metrocard (I've gotten a bit better, in these intervening years, about my glasses at least) before heading out the door.  It's hard to be a scatter-brain sometimes, even if nine times out of ten whatever it is I'm looking for is just in yesterday's pants.

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Janey Lee said...

Yes he did smile at me knowingly!