Thursday, July 31, 2008

on attending a wedding in three days' time at which a former lover and his new girlfriend will also be present

I was remembering that December night out west quite a few years ago when everyone else had gone to bed and we stripped off our clothes and ran outside into the cold and immersed ourselves in the hot tub.

I was remembering that night in the hot tub, and how it snowed, and how the water was too hot but we went in anyway, opened our mouths to catch icy snowflakes and let them melt on our tongues, on our faces, in our hair, and how we stayed in too long and grew dizzy and headachey and sick from the heat, and how we eventually climbed out, wrapped each other in towels to ward off the winter cold, fed each other ice cubes on the kitchen floor.

I was remembering this somewhat longingly, but then realized that if someone were to suggest today that he and I make love in a hot tub, I'd have the good sense now to not submerge myself for so long.

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