Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weather (and product placement) and how to deal

It's that oh so special kind of weather.  The kind that slushes and seeps and drags at your feet and coats your glasses in pelting icy sleet.  The kind that tangles in your hair and catches in your eyelashes and turns what is normally solid ground treacherous beneath your feet.  The kind that hurts.

It's the kind of weather that really is only endurable curled up on the couch under an afghan, mug of hot chocolate (preferably Abuelita) close to hand, furry fluffy little black cat curled up at your feet.  Purring, of course.

The bus dropped me off into an ankle-deep puddle of sludge.

Luckily my new Dansko boots (thank you Shanna, best sister-in-law that ever was!) withstood the onslaught, the slushocalypse if you will, and my feet remain toasty warm in my SmartWool socks and thick black tights.

Then I arrived at work to find a veritable waterfall (all that melting pelting soul-numbing slush has to go somewhere after all, doesn't it?) pouring down through the light fixtures just outside the entrance to the library.

And so begins the first day of the new semester here at good old CU.  Luckily for me I've already got post-work drinks lined up.  They will be much needed, I'm sure.

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