Friday, January 14, 2011

in response, or, the truth of spock

I may have left an arguably snarky comment on the Ruth Institute's blog* the other day about not letting their kids eat shellfish.  To which I got this response:

Emma.  You make light of Torah.  If you want to live long and prosper, take the law of God seriously.

Just for the record, indeed I do want to live long and prosper.  And my love for equality and oysters will probably not undermine that, at least barring a bad one.  Oyster, that is.  And Spock would no doubt approve, in his ever logical way, of both of these great loves of mine.  And perhaps even of my inability, at times, to keep my big mouth shut.

*A silly little organization whose sole stated purpose is to convince young Americans to get married -- as long as they're straight. An offshoot, not surprisingly, of the much despised NOM.

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