Sunday, April 08, 2007

a call to yarns

I'm not exactly an overly self-indulgent person, materialistically speaking at least, about many things, but I do love yarn. I think it's the colors, and the softness, and the ability to so easily create something warm for the people I love. I tend to buy more yarn than I need for any given project (and yes, often enough I'll just buy it without any particular project in mind), and so have ended up with leftovers. I decided in December that it would be fun to knit up little squares of my leftovers and, somehow, put them all together into a patchwork afghan. Mom was delighted by this idea, and last year she made scarves for nearly the whole family, and passed on the remnants of each skein to me when I was home for Christmas. Shanna, my brother's main squeeze, and Cindy, my beloved yarn-partner-in-crime, have both been generous with their remnants as well. So now I've got a decent-sized bag o' wool, or cotton as the case may be, and the long process of making tons of wee little squares has begun. So please, ladies & gentlemen, don't get rid of those remnants! Send 'em my way instead.

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