Wednesday, April 25, 2007

tunnel to nowhere

Alaska was the home of the infamous plan for the Bridge to Nowhere, and now the peoples of Alaska and Russia, or at least the members of the Interhemispheric Bering Strait Tunnel and Railroad Group, have outdone themselves with a call for a Tunnel beneath the Beiring Strait. At an estimated cost of $65 billion dollars ($120 million alone would go towards a study of the plan) and 20 years of labor, this 68-mile long behemoth would connect two of the world's most sparsely populated regions. The reason? Natural resources. Within 30 years of completion, the IBSTRG says, the Tunnel would be turning a profit by mining the regions' natural gas, oil, and gold. An intriguing idea, no doubt, but chances seem pretty slim that this will ever reach fruition. After all, the City of New York began work on its Water Tunnel #3 some 37 years ago, and doesn't expect to complete it until the year 2020.

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