Saturday, April 14, 2007

saturday morning

I actually slept in this morning until almost 8:30. This is nigh on miraculous.

Nova, my fat old feline, yowls a lot. But I figured out recently that, though she yowls a lot, it is often when I am sitting at the desk playing on the computer. I've had her for just over seven years now, having adopted her from the ASPCA in March of 2000. She was a timid little thing back then, and spent much of her time in the closet or under the bed. She didn't much like human contact, though over the years she grew accustomed to certain people, and would curl up on the couch almost within arm's reach. Eventually she started sleeping on my pillow at night, curled up between my head and the wall. This, when I was sound asleep, is when she was most comfortable with me. But, in her old age, she's mellowed out a bit. It's been a long, slow process, this mellowing, but Nova has settled in to her self, and in to her people. And lately, she's become practically a love cat. She likes to be near me now even when I'm awake, and will come scampering across the wood floor to jump up on the couch and rub her head into my open palm when I beckon her from across the room. And what I figured out is that she doesn't like when I'm on the computer because there's no where for her to sit at the desk. She will yowl, and yowl some more, and wrap herself around my ankles or the leg of the desk chair, until I get up and go sit on the couch, which is more conducive to kitty cuddling, and perhaps even a little brushing.

Nova's lucky that her person, being me, is a couch potato of sorts, and will spend hours reading or watching TV and knitting, in a place that Nova likes. And Nova's person, being me, is lucky that her cat is not a wild crazy young thing, and doesn't fight with her yarn or chew and claw at her knitting projects. Rather, we can be fat and old and lazy together, and curl up with each other, and love each other in our own odd way.

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