Sunday, May 20, 2007

cold spring

Just got back from a lovely 24 hours away from this isle of Manhattan, visiting wonderful friends up in Cold Spring, NY. Was reprimanded by a Metro North employee for trying to take a picture of Jill on the train (who knew you're not allowed to take pictures on the train??), though was grateful to not have my new camera confiscated despite having already taken two pictures. Spent a wonderful few hours with Ari, Jill, Cindy, John, Ben, and Daniela. Ate too much scrumptious food (though weighed myself on their bathroom scale, and somehow have lost twenty-five pounds since the New Year, at least if both my mom's scale and their scale are relatively accurate... strange...), walked around their beautiful little new town, and reveled in all of the yarn that Ari so sweetly brought back for me from her trip to Ecuador in March! I think it might be almost time to learn how to make a sweater, or die trying.

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