Monday, May 21, 2007

in the news

McSweeney's has very helpfully compiled a list of the pros and cons of the top 20 Democrat and top 20 Republican potential presidential candidates. Take a gander and chuckle whilst you roll your eyes and groan out loud.

In the vein of Andrea Yates, Chante Mallard, and Clara Harris, yet another crazy woman from Texas made the news today. In this case, however, the woman in question was merely a witness to the crime, and not the perpetrator herself. CNN reports on Eva Mauldin, who claims that Satan himself made her husband microwave their baby daughter. According to Ms. Mauldin, the devil doesn't approve of her husband's attempts to become a preacher. Lord knows I wouldn't approve of this, either. Though the child survived the ordeal, Child Protective Services is trying to terminate parental custody.

Undeclared but clearly campaigning, Mike Bloomberg has a new website.

Last, but perhaps not least, and most certainly the most amusing, check out LOL President. Right now. Go. Just keep in mind that this might, to some, be mildly offensive. Don't be offended, laugh! Then maybe cringe.

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