Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Seriously, what is it with Texas women? Today it's being reported that a young mother in Hudson Oaks, Texas, hanged herself and her four small children, one of whom survived. If you're as morbid as I am, read more here. According to CNN, "Police say Gilberta Estrada, 25, killed herself and then her children." Maybe this is the problem with Texas police. Or with CNN.

On a happier note, the Brazilian government has decided to subsidize contraceptive pills so that all women, poor and wealthy alike, will be able to afford the basic ability to determine when and how many children they have. In fact, the cost of a year's worth of pills will now be the equivalent of about $2.40. This in the immediate wake of the Pope's recent diatribes against "legalized" contraception (what ever that means) while touring South America. Pope Benedict apparently argued that this horrible legal contraception posed a threat to "the future of the peoples" of Latin America. The government of Brazil apparently has better sense.

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