Tuesday, September 25, 2007

more on ahmadinejad

"But it should never be thought that merely to listen to ideas we deplore in any way implies our endorsement of those ideas, or the weakness of our resolve to resist those ideas, or our naiveté about the very real dangers inherent in such ideas. It is a critical premise of freedom of speech that we do not honor the dishonorable when we open the public forum to their voices."
-Lee Bollinger, Columbia University President, 9.24.07

this from Salon: Ahmadinejad, Big Man On Campus
also Bollinger's remarks
also Ahmadinejad's remarks
this from CNN: Ahmadinejad Speaks; Outrage and Controversy Follow
this from the NY Times: Mr. Ahmadinejad Speaks
this from the Times of London: US threats are the real danger to peace, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells New York
this from Time Magazine: Why Ahmadinejad Loves New York
this from the New York Daily News: Grinning Madman Squirms at Columbia
this from Slate: Ahmadinejad's Dangerous Game
this from the New York Post: U. Da Man! Boss Hits Iran Prez With the Ol' College Fry
and lastly, from the Onion: Putting Pressure on Iran

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