Monday, August 30, 2010


Evan's been teasing me this last week or so, and I entirely deserve it.  See, I've been crushing on this Canadian singer, this little blond girl (I guess I have a thing, sometimes, for cute blond girls -- but then again, who doesn't?) with the voice of an angel and the cutest little snub nose you ever did see.  Armed with an autoharp, a grumpy-looking violist friend, and an adorably curly-headed little brother, she's totally won me over.

(Basia Bulat, Gold Rush)

Also solo gorgeous Gold Rush, Walk You Down, Run, Heart of My Own, Heart of My Own (again, and in Paris!).

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Eric said...

I see the attraction - cute blonde with a beautiful voice, an overbite, and plays the autoharp, ukulele, guitar...definitely worthy of some crush energy.